Marking 25 Years of Laboratory Marketing Excellence

The dental laboratory industry has come a long way in 25 years. So have we.

Working with a general marketing firm can be a pain – and expensive – for lab owners. We get that. That’s why we come to the table armed with more than communications expertise. We bring a specialists’ knowledge to your communications, as it’s been since Bill Neal opened the agency in 1991. Leveraging his background as a CDT and lab owner, he knew first hand how hard it is to communicate the value of a full-contour zirconia crown if the agency doesn’t really understand what FCZ is.

Armed with a knowledge base that evolved with the industry, AMG Creative has evolved to a full-service agency. Whether producing one-off marketing pieces or crafting integrated, multimedia campaigns, we’re adept at helping clients find their niche and differentiate themselves from the competition. With our proven competency in restorative dental work and expertise in presenting your message, it’s like having a dedicated marketing department in your lab’s back room.

25 years experience