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Website Metrics

January 2020 | By AMG Creative

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Feedback

A marketer’s ultimate goal revolves around increasing sales, but in the creation of a successful campaign, every aspect is built to foster engagement. Engagement will result in more cases coming into your laboratory, as well as boosting customer loyalty, brand recognition, and overall satisfaction for both patient and dentist. Optimizing engagement requires insight into what your dentists are interested in seeing. The best way to gain this insight is by collecting customer feedback…

Website Metrics

December 2019 | By AMG Creative

Website Metrics

Most dental laboratory owners have embraced having a site for their business. Unfortunately, that is where many stop. A website can provide a host of valuable statistics and metrics that can aid you in improving not only the content on your website but also your conversion rate and overall sales. Obtaining this insight and implementing it effectively requires an understanding of what you are viewing. Some of the key metrics you should be analyzing for your website are bounce rate, time on page, and the number of pages visited…

SEO: How Does Your Site Rank?

August 2019 | By AMG Creative

Building a Solid and Consistent Identity

Getting off on the right foot with a prospective client is crucial to maintaining your laboratory’s upward trajectory. Making sure a new clinician trusts your team and is open to potentially partnering with them could involve in-person meetings or phone calls, but that personal contact is not always possible. Having a secure brand identity that accurately portrays your laboratory’s mission and values to the appropriate audience is the next best thing…

SEO: How Does Your Site Rank?

July 2019 | By AMG Creative

SEO: How Does Your Site Rank?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term thrown around constantly in the world of online marketing. By its most basic definition, SEO is the use of keywords that, when placed into an online search engine, allow your website to be brought up as a search result. This optimization improves your dental laboratory website’s results based on organic search, which is unpaid and uses natural rankings…

Data Science: Imagine the Possibilities

June 2019 | By AMG Creative

Data Science: Imagine the Possibilities

Since the advent of dental laboratory management software, laboratories have been thrust into the world of big data, inundated with numbers, statistics, and client information. Consuming and utilizing such data requires the application of data science, which employs scientific methods, processes, and algorithms to gather, analyze, and implement valuable information to benefit a company…

Reputation Management

January 2019 | By AMG Creative

Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) focuses on maintaining a positive online reputation that aligns with your company’s goals and values. Many laboratory owners get tripped up in growing their business due to their neglect of ORM, with some barely having an online presence at all. The three types of ORM are building, maintenance, and recovery…

The Productive Benefits of Automated Marketing

December 2018 | By AMG Creative

The Productive Benefits of Automated Marketing

Marketing is a key factor in ensuring your business’s success as it can keep your products and services front of mind for clients. Everyday marketing tasks, such as sending emails and updating social media, can bog down a workflow and become a burden. That is where automated marketing tools, such as HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Buffer, revolutionized and streamlined certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks…

Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate

September 2018 | By AMG Creative

Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate is a form of data encryption that maintains the privacy and security of information sent to and from a website. It helps ensure malicious parties will not end up with any of a user’s personal information that is not openly shared, such as passwords, credit card information, social security numbers, and home addresses…

Beyond Viewability

August 2018 | By AMG Creative

Beyond Viewability

Ads are carefully cultivated to appeal to a company’s specific audience. They are used to establish a brand identity in the minds of consumers or to promote a certain product or service. You can create the most creative and enticing ad possible, but without viewability analytics, you may never be able to quantify its success…

Website Security

July 2018 | By AMG Creative

Website Security

In today’s digitally driven world, a website is necessary if one is to be considered relevant. To maintain and leverage this relevancy demands attention to detail, especially when it comes to web security. The security of your website should be top of mind, especially as dental laboratory sites continue to advance and incorporate online case and file submission…

Making eNewsletters Work for You article thumbnail

Jaunuary 2018 | By Terry Fine

Making eNewsletters Work for You

When asking a laboratory owner if they have ever thought of doing an eNewsletter, the common response is, “That’s a great idea, but I don’t have the time or know where to start.” Of course, this initial dialogue is commonly followed by, “I don’t know where to start, and I have very few email addresses for my dentists.”…

Keys to Profitable Marketing in the Digital Age article thumbnail

November 2017 | By Terry Fine

Keys to Profitable Marketing in the Digital Age

Terry Fine, the President of AMG Creative, was invited to present at the Dentsply Sirona Lab Marketing Summit in October 2017, as well as the CAD/CAM Symposium put on by the DLOAC in November 2017. Terry’s presentation, “Keys to Profitable Marketing in the Digital Age”, generated a tremendous amount of interest from lab owners at both events. To view this prime example of AMG’s dental industry marketing knowledge at work, click on the link below.

What’s in a Domain? article thumbnail

September 2017 | By Terry Fine

What’s in a Domain?

To accommodate the exponential growth of online shopping in recent years, businesses worldwide continue to open Web-based storefronts. As domains continue to get scooped up by entrepreneurs around the globe, there are far fewer available domains to choose from…

Gauging Your Clients' Brand Loyalty

August 2017 | By AMG Creative

Gauging Your Clients’ Brand Loyalty

Let’s face it, most customer surveys aren’t very useful in yielding a substantial amount of responses or producing significant data that can be leveraged by your business. Even when surveys do generate responses from your customer base, are the responses substantial enough to draw correlations between your brand and the client?…

The Power of E-Newsletters article thumbnail

April 2017 | By Terry Fine

The Power of E-Newsletters

The world of digital marketing is vast and ever changing. If you only have the resources for one type of effort, let me suggest an email newsletter. Email is the most effective marketing channel and an e-newsletter is a good place to start for a number of reasons….

Saving an At-Risk Client article thumbnail

March 2017 | By Terry Fine

Saving an At-Risk Client

We know from various industry studies that, on average, dentists use more than three laboratories. That means your customers are also using your competitors. Are you making sure you’ll win them back? While marketing can help you identify new clients and generate new business…

Beyond Word of Mouth article thumbnail

January 2017 | By Terry Fine

Beyond Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to build new business. But it is not the only way and it certainly does not work on its own…

Beyond the Click article thumbnail

September 2016 | By Terry Fine

Beyond the Click

If you’ve done any online marketing, you have undoubtedly paid attention to your ads’ click rates. And why not? The internet’s interactivity and tracking capabilities made monitoring click rates…

Private-Label Branding: Is It Right for You? article thumbnail

July 2016 | By Terry Fine

Private-Label Branding: Is It Right for You?

If you still think house labels are limited to the world of supermarkets’ store-brand condiments and department stores’ budget clothing lines, you haven’t been paying very close attention to the dental industry…