What does your current website say about your business?

To you, it might say, “We’re so busy doing great work, we don’t have time to update our website.” Unfortunately, your customers are probably thinking other things, like, “Wow, their website is so outdated!” Or maybe they’re saying to themselves, “With a website this confusing, imagine their customer service!” Even worse, they might be wondering, “Do these guys even exist?” No company wants potential customers to react negatively when first encountering their website.

Your website should create a strong, positive first impression that makes your visitors want to stay and explore. You want to tell your story and make your customers’ lives easier. If it’s not living up to those standards, give us a call.

Everything Your Site Needs

We will make sure that your site includes everything it needs to be effective: a responsive and appealing design, SEO optimization, ease of use, speed, and security.

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Responsive Design

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Search Engine Optimization

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Fast & Secure

Responsive and Optimized Design

Having a website with a responsive design means that it can adapt to any size screen or device. This enhances user experience and builds credibility for your company. We ensure the best user experience by making your site intuitive and easy to navigate. Customers are far more likely to stay longer and explore a site if it is optimized for their use, no matter where they are, whether it’s at their desk or on the go.

Representative of Brand

Our team has no desire to build a generic website that could be used by multiple companies. We build your site with your brand in mind so that it aligns completely with your company’s values and priorities. After visiting your site, a potential customer will have a clear understanding of your brand and what makes your business stand out from the rest.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is good, but can people find you? Search Engine Optimization is an essential key for an effective website. Optimizing your website for search is a complicated and time-consuming process if you don’t know what you are doing. Our team of experts is efficient and effective at making sure that when customers search for what you offer, they will find you.

Fast and Secure

40% of website visitors leave if a page does not load within 3 seconds. A slow website will kill your traffic and cost you money, and a hacked website will do even worse. If your website gets hacked, Google displays this ominous warning to potential visitors: “This site may be hacked.” Don’t let that happen to you. We make sure that your website is both fast and secure.

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WordPress Expertise

More than a design team, our WordPress developers do more than install pretty themes and plugins. They innovate custom solutions and use the WordPress system to allow the user to easily make their own changes.

// Custom Case Submission
// Shipping Label Generator
// Forms

// Data Collection
// Custom SEO
// Yoast for SEO

// Custom Plugins
// Handcrafted Design
// Site Conversion

Current With Coding

The internet and web standards evolve and change daily. Our developers keep themselves up to date with best practice development habits, allowing them to deliver the latest and greatest features for your website, provide an optimal experience for your website visitors, and decrease the likelihood of attackers wreaking havoc on your website.

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E-commerce Capabilities

Your website is your 24-hour online storefront. Educating prospects, turning them into customers, and with E-Commerce capabilities, taking orders. E-commerce allows for streamlined business and is far cheaper than a physical store. Detailed information associated with e-commerce allows you to easily track sales and revenue and re-engage prospects that are still shopping.

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Multi-Platform Experience

While WordPress dominates the website industry because it is so user-friendly to manage, we have experience in nearly every content management system available. Our expertise in the underlying architecture (PHP) allows us to readily implement nearly any feature into any website or e-commerce platform.

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Webiste Examples
Webiste Examples
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Our Work Process

Our 4-step process is specifically designed to give you the effective website you need. Every step is important and has a specific purpose. We meticulously carry out each stage to ensure that everything works as expected and achieves the purpose that is intended, ultimately giving you the amazing website you want.

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1. Strategize

At AMG Creative we have the expertise to create an effective website that will deliver exactly what you need. Regardless of whether you need a new website or an update, we work together with you to understand what you need and create a plan for how we are going to develop it.

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2. Design

Design is a very important step in our process. We want to make sure that your website is attractive, functional, and easy to use. Your website represents your business and is how you communicate and engage with users online. We want to make sure your visitors have a positive experience and follow the path from visitor to customer.

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3. Develop

Once the website has been designed, our team of expert developers builds it from the ground up. We make sure your website is functional so everything works as it should: fast to ensure customers don’t need to wait for pages to load, responsive so it can be viewed on any size screen or device, and secure so hackers cannot gain access.

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4. Launch

Once everything is done, it is time to launch! We take your website live and begin to monitor the analytics. Depending on what we see over the next few months, we’ll be better able to understand what’s working well, and what needs to be improved.

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