Brand Strategy


Consistent branding ensures that your customers and clients will always recognize you. From your logo to the look and feel of your website, email signatures, business cards, and more, AMG can ensure that your business is putting its best foot forward every time.

We can help you develop a distinct brand identity and the necessary documentation to keep it in place across all your collateral.


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The first thing you need for a brand strategy is a brand! The process is not always easy, but we understand what needs to be done. We work with you to move through the process and create a solid brand concept.


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Who are you as a company? What are your core values? What do you want people to think when they think about your company? When we strategize your brand identity, we talk about what you want your company to stand for, its personality, and how we are going to accomplish that.


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Your logo is the face that people will associate with your brand. We make sure that your logo aligns your core values with consistent imagery to bring brand recognition to the forefront.




Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of a business is branding that fails to appeal to the correct audience, mistranslates identity or has simply grown outdated. Rebranding allows for a revitalization of your company that can capture the attention of previously unreached consumers. Our team at AMG Creative can help you figure out why your old branding no longer represents your business and how to develop a new brand that encompasses all the ways your company has advanced. We can give you a second chance at making a first impression.


Logo Revamp

Logo redesigns, aligning your core values with consistent imagery to bring brand recognition to the forefront.


Keep It Trendy

Allows you to bring your logo inline with your current positioning strategy.

Symbolizes Change

Rebranding helps break out of past associations created in the mind of consumers and allows the opportunity for a fresh start.

Allows for Modernization

Logo redesign allows for the opportunity to incorporate elements that are more effective in the current market.

Digital Translation

Many times older logos do not translate well to online platforms due to their complexity. A redesign can create a logo that is much more suited to represent your brand online.

Our Work Process

Our 4-step process was specifically designed to develop the perfect brand for your company. Every step is important and has a specific purpose. We meticulously carry out each stage to ensure that nothing is overlooked and the new brand perfectly represents your company.

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1. Collaborate

The first step to creating the most effective brand is learning who it should be representing. Our team will collaborate with you in order to get the fullest grasp of what you are looking for and need. We will create a brand concept based on your company’s values, clients and future goals.
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2. Strategize

We will then strategize the brand identity. We will target your main client base and the brand that will achieve the best response. We will research and analyze your competition in order to create an original brand. Our main priority is to help your business stand out from the rest.
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3. Design

Our design team will then use all this information and research to create a brand and logo that is unique to your business and perfectly represents its identity. We will be able to develop everything you want and need to have your company up, running and looking flawless. From business cards to websites we can make anything showcase your company and the new brand.
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4. Present

Once we have your new brand created we will present it to you. This will then be the time we go over everything with you, make any necessary changes and finalize the brand. We will then launch anything we have created to go along with your brand, such as a website, print or digital marketing.

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